Logos & Brand Style Guides

Download the official marketing brand guidelines & logo assets for CCHP here. Please follow the guidelines to ensure the brand is consistently communicated.

CCHP has a new look

To better align the direction of the company’s growth, we need an identity system that is recognizable and flexible across all medium regardless of languages. However, it has to also stay true to our roots at the same time.

Introducing the new logo

This logomark represents two elements. It is a Chinese knot, representing the culture and the tidily connected relationship of the community. It is also a group of people holding hands guarding a community, representing the protection the company formed together with providers from different areas, echoing the origin of the company.

A Product Logo for Commercial Plans

We want to better communicate our products and their values, especially to the prospects who are not familiar with CCHP. We decided to create a subbrand for our commercial products, Balance. This product brand still shares the same logomark, but the color scheme and style are more aligned with the general standard of healthcare.

This marks a new chapter of the company, and we are excited to bring high-quality, affordable healthcare to more people in San Francisco and San Mateo.